Report Management

         The Report Management System (RMS) is a complex software solution that enables you to manage the complete legal reporting process. This abundant amount of real-time and historical data is often compiled into system reports using third-party report building tools for delivery to users.

         It helps you to prepare high quality legal reports more quickly and efficiently. There exists a wealth of information within modern control systems. Due to the volume of available information, the challenge is to deliver system reports to the corporate and operations users who need them,in a timely and convenient manner.

         Texpro RMS (Report Management System), is a report and documentation management system that provides secure access to centralized reports and documents through a single web-portal interface. OpenRMS allows automatic conversion from report building programs such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access or Crystal Reports, to PDFformat for users who do not natively support these applications.

         In addition to manual access through the web-portal interface, OpenRMS allows users to schedule reports and documents to be periodically distributed via e-mail to specific users or groups.

The RMS enables you to:

* Manage reporting processes using calendar definitions.

* Control the consistency of legal reporting data using the customizable Business Checks mechanism.

* In a single transaction, prepare, check and download the results for the different types of legal reporting.

* Prepare legal reporting based on previously submitted forms.

* Store all submitted legal forms and retrieve them in the state in which they were submitted (vŠµrsioning).

* Define authorizations for different actions in the legal reporting process so that users can only see the data that they need and are authorized to see Add custom reports to RMS processing.

* Execute operations on the legal reports and use Customizing to enhance the list of supported operations.