Complte ERP Software that facilitates organizational Process related to Production ,Sales, CRM, Distribution, Stock Management & Marketing as well as trading ,retailing and service & repair oriented business.

Today there is a great need for efficient systems, which offers dynamic controls and high accessible informational access to support strategic decision making, to keep up with the robust business environments.

In Our ERP System we Provide the whole Enterprise Resources Management bacis on Customer requirement & for All Business like

* Production/ Manufacturing Management

* Purchase Management

* Sales Management

* Inventory/Stock Management

* Marketing Management

* Human Resources Management

* Customer Relationship Management

* Accounting Management


Raw Materials, Direct / Indirect Purchase, Direct / Indirect Labour , Labour Cost, Machine Cost , Manufacture Overhead Cost , Direct / Indirect Product , Supplier , Job Assigning, Job Timing, Men Hours, Machine hours, Transport, Order, Product Final Cost, Receive , Return , Job Management .

Purchase Management

Tender/Quoatation , Tender/Quoatation Analysis , Purchase Order, Purchase Challan , Purchase Bill, Purchase Return, Broker/Referance, Commission, Transport.

Sale Management

Tender/Quoatation , Tender/Quoatation Analysis , Sale Order, Sale Challan , Dispatch , Sale Bill, Sale Return, Salesman, Commission, Transport , Complain, Product Detail, Product Tracking, Price List, Service Call Report.

Inventory/Stock Management

Stock Detail , Where house, Transport, Stock in, Stock Out, Stock Receive, Stock Return, Stock Tracking , Stock Analysis, Stock Checking.

Marketing Management

Digital marketing, Leads, Marketing Stretegy/Plan, Follow up, Campaign , Banners , Events, Product , Price , Place, Competator , Dealership, Sponsorship, Franchise.

Human Resources Management

Personnel Management, Organizational Management, Payroll, Training, Timing, Job Enrichment, Personal Management, Processes, Compensation, Gate Pass, Expanse, Support, Follow up, Audit, Bill Charges , Traveling Allowance, Incentive ,Attendance management.

Customer Relationship Management

Follow up, Services , Birthday/Anniversary Wishes , Gift/ Coupon / Bonus , Feedback, Complain box, Return/ Exchange / Warranty , Customer Wishes , Contract Management, Negotiation , New Product Info , PR Manager , Define Expectation , Knowledge Management , Defect Tracking .

Accounting Management

AC Opening , Payroll, Expanse, Profit & Loss , Trading AC , Balance Sheet, Ledger, Asset , Loan, Liability, Taxes , Closing AC , TDS, VAT, GST, Stock Criteria .