Texpro Solution provide you scalable and flexible software solution to strengthen back office operations for better control and higher profitability from end to end.

Embracing latest technology built on single unified model, with powerful integration and comprehensive tools it helps to manage entire manufacturing business from end to end.It is a smart ERP solution supporting entire range of production processes from procurement of raw materials, production tracking, inventory management, supply chain planning, expanded outsourcing, sales and marketing, asset maintenance, human capital and payroll management and business analytics.

* Master Product Scheduling

* Raw Material

* Stock Analysis

* Job Costing

* Machine Detail

* Plant Maintenance

*Production costing

* Direct/ indirect material

* Capacity requirement Planning

* Bill Of Material

* Machine Detail

* Product Estimation

* Place Charges

* Daily Production

* Production Scheduling

* Outer job

* Shop Orders

* Total Cost of Product

* Men Power

* Nesting & Batching

* Defect & Rework Tracking

* transportation

* Manufacture Resource Planning